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Sun, 070826
iPhone Troubles Update
Filed under: Technology -v- Culture — Rick @ 233316UTC

I now have a loaner iPhone from Apple — an 8GB model with “AppleCare Service” embossed on the back. So far, I’d say Apple’s performance has been decent, but far from exceptional.


iPhone Troubles
Filed under: Technology -v- Culture — Rick @ 054820UTC

Saturday was the warmest day in New York since I bought my iPhone. It was also the day when my iPhone developed a dead zone.

That means that right now, my iPhone is one step away from being a $500 brick. I can receive calls — if the touchscreen is locked, that is — but I can’t make them. Nor can I send SMS, check my email, or use the Safari browser.


Fri, 070824
Low-Power FM Radio: ‘Share it with each other. It’s what you do’
Filed under: Media,Politics — Rick @ 230010UTC

Cross-posted at the Bill Moyers Journal blog.

Imagine climbing a hundred-foot radio tower in the howling headwinds of a Category 3 hurricane so that you can stay on the air and keep your neighbors informed as catastrophe bears down. Or remaining at your post, on the mic and on the air, as floodwaters engulf the radio studio. Or pouring every cent of your income into the station to say on the air the aftermath, even though you’re living in a FEMA-issue trailer because you’ve lost your home and everything in it.

I can’t. But Brice Phillips has done every one of those things. And that’s why he’s one of the most remarkable people I’ve ever met, and an inspiration to those of us who believe that community radio has the power to change lives — and save lives.


Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends
Filed under: Meta — Rick @ 225439UTC

I’ve neglected this for too long. Time to start posting again. Especially since we may get some incoming….