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Wed, 090610
Damascus Citizens’ Redemption?
Filed under: Media,Wisdom — Rick @ 045106UTC

Earlier this year, I got into a beef with a [misguided] group of environmentalists in rural Pennsylvania.

Long story short, while I approved of their goals, I disdained their approach, which lacked charity and empathy. Attacking their neighbors, I thought, gained nothing. Worse, it lost the all-important sympathy of those neighbors, some of whom are pretty darned cool and enlightened. The environmentalists disagreed.

All along, I’d thought that their beef wasn’t with their neighbors, many of whom had agreed to sell drilling rights on their land to gas prospectors who were going to use a dangerous technique, but rather with federal regulators (a.k.a. the Bush Administration) who’d agreed to allow said technique to go unregulated.

Finally, some lawmakers are about to introduce legislation that would regulate the technique — which is what should have happened in the first place. Here’s hoping that the bill passes, and that my environmentalist acquaintances can repair the damage they’ve done by implying that their neighbors are mendacious idiots.

Filed under: Food,glorious food — Rick @ 043041UTC

Horseradish vodka works!

Take 750 ml bottle of vodka, regardless of quality. (It’s supposed to be colorless, odorless, and flavorless.) Peel a 3-inch (7.5 cm) horseradish root and cut into thin strips. Place strips into bottle. Let the strips sit for a week or so … and presto! The ideal liquor for Bloody Marys!