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Sun, 091129
Filed under: Musicality,Wisdom — Rick @ 064801UTC

James Luther Dickinson died a few months ago. How did I miss this? The man was a genius, and now I’ll never get to interview him.

Seriously — the man who turned two Alex Chilton records * into masterpieces died, and I didn’t even know.

“Everybody goes as far as they can, they don’t just care/
You’re a wasted face, you’re a sad-eyed laugh, you’re a holocaust”

Goddamn, Jim — rest in peace.

[UPDATE (and the asterisk ***): Plus he produced yet another masterpiece, the one that led me to the Big Star and Chilton stuff.]

Tue, 091117
A crap biography….
Filed under: Musicality — Rick @ 031449UTC

of Bowie, but I read on nonetheless. It’s factually flawed (Spitz calls this the “Event Harmonizer”???), occasionally infuriatingly written (dozens of unclear pronoun antecedents), and highly self-indulgent (the interstitial chapters are about Spitz not-meeting Bowie). But the arc’s compelling, as is the subject.

Someday, Bowie will write his own or authorize a good one. Until then, there’s always this.

World’s Worst Blogger Award
Filed under: Media,Meta — Rick @ 030559UTC

Six weeks? I am crap, aren’t I? Not even ambitious-but-crap. Just crap.