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Wed, 100811
Idiotic New York conventional wisdom
Filed under: Media,Urbanity,Wisdom — Rick @ 120419UTC

It’s bad enough having to hear Boomers drone on about how New York has lost its edge. These tend to be folks who rarely leave Manhattan and have almost certainly never been to, say, an illegal Todd P show in Bushwick, surrounded by naked dancers and kids doing lines in plain view. Distressingly, though, this loss-of-edge notion has gone global:

ā€œIā€™d hate to see Berlin smoothed over, with no critical voices left, the way the alternative art scene has been sanitized away in New York,ā€ said Felicitas Adler, 54, clad in a trash-art sculpture she made out of cardboard and empty plastic bottles painted black at a recent demonstration to save Tacheles.

Ms Adler, please contact me before your next visit, and I’ll show you a thriving “alternative art scene”. In Brooklyn. Which is still, last I checked, part of New York.

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