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Wed, 110921
The Gift of Music
Filed under: Musicality,Wisdom — Rick @ 035719UTC

Your new friend gives you something. He gives you a record. It isn’t his — it’s his older brother’s. But that’s okay, because the older brother’s away.

The record doesn’t make you sing like the records you’ve loved so far. It actually kind of makes you uncomfortable. But it also makes you want to flap your arms like wings. And it makes you want to hear more music that’s so oblique.

Once you start to delve into music like that, you can’t stop.

Pere Shae gave me that record. And I owe so much to him for that gesture. Nearly everything, in fact.

* He was “Pere Shae” long before he was the Deadheads’ “Poohshae”. And I’ll remember him as father, rather than bear.

Tue, 110920
Good ideas, bad ideas
Filed under: Politics,Technology -v- Culture — Rick @ 010911UTC

This is a good idea. But then I see that, “The TAP website is facilitated by Microsoft,” and I think … Astroturf!