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Fri, 120608
FX Research Meets Soccer
Filed under: Soccer (sic) — Rick @ 044924UTC

Rufus Blooter bait: The following is kind of brilliant.

Sun, 120603
The Myth of “Liberal Hollywood Elites”
Filed under: Media,Politics,Technology -v- Culture — Rick @ 022442UTC

Yes, they tend to support Democratic candidates, and the movies and shows they produce make conservatives feel like losers. But when it comes to business, Hollywood’s the opposite of liberal. And that’s true whether you define “liberal” in classical terms (supportive of free markets) or contemporary ones (progressive).

Alleged liberal and “Hollywood super-agent” Ari Emanuel recently made that crystal clear: Nothing should be allowed to alter Hollywood’s current business model — neither consumer preferences nor technological innovations. He wants a Hollywood-Silicon Valley cartel to make sure of it. Failing that, he wants the state to use its coercive power.

There’s nothing “free” about a market that’s limited to using paradigms that are at least 30 years old (and at most a century old). And there’s nothing progressive about a business model that preserves corporate power, puts independent voices at a disadvantage, and extracts rents from consumers in order to subsidize the lifestyle that Ari Emanuel prefers.

Kudos to my friend Josh Topolsky for confronting Emanuel on this and hitting the nail on the head.