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Tue, 120918
The Damned United
Filed under: Soccer (sic) — Rick @ 015235UTC

Recommended, in line with aggregate opinion.

Lessons learned: English soccer in the ’70s was nasty, brutish, and short; Clough and Taylor needed one another; and Britain in the 70s remains a pop-cultural cauldron of reinvention.

Mon, 120917
Watching Soccer on TV
Filed under: Media,Soccer (sic) — Rick @ 032249UTC

Had my first weekend watching soccer on my new (basic) cable service.

No Bundesliga without paying extra. Boo.

Watched a bunch of Premiership on Fox Soccer. Then I watched Portland-Seattle on NBC.

NBC’s broadcast version kicked the living crap out of everything on Fox. NBC’s version was perfect for American fans like me who want to learn more about the details of the game and its tactics. It offered more illuminating detail in the play-by-play coverage. The replays illustrated tactics graphically, as they would during broadcasts of NBA and NFL games. NBC also had two reporters working the touchline and offering interesting during the match — another element of NBA and NFL broadcasts.

Wed, 120822
Just Like Soccer
Filed under: Media,Politics,Soccer (sic),Wisdom,Writin' — Rick @ 050407UTC

Are you British? Do you think multidozenmillion-pound salaries have debased the Beautiful Game?

Are you American? Do you think multidozenmillion-dollar anonymous contributions have debased the Greatest Democracy?

Stephen Marche can explain the two great tastes that go great together!

(This post is primarily about hackery, and in case the soccer connection isn’t clear, the $50-75k that Ferguson appears to receive for each speech is about what Clint Dempsey has earned for each game he’s played for Fulham.)

Fri, 120608
FX Research Meets Soccer
Filed under: Soccer (sic) — Rick @ 044924UTC

Rufus Blooter bait: The following is kind of brilliant.

Thu, 120531
Filed under: Soccer (sic) — Rick @ 173632UTC

Number of words in the Official Playing Rules and Casebook of the National Football League: 157,801

Number of words in the Official Baseball Rules: 49,699

Number of words in the Laws of Cricket: 30,537

Number of words in the Official Basketball Rules: 26,948

Number of words in the Laws of the Game (of soccer): 23,106

UPDATE 120601:
In response to JustJoeP’s comment, more data points:

Number of words in Rugby Union’s Laws of the Game: 37,737

Number of words in the Laws of Australian Football: 23,888

Number of words in Rugby League’s* Laws of the Game: 20,468

Number of words in the rules of Gaelic football**: 13,102

* Rugby Union and Rugby League are related but distinct games. Perhaps an enlightened Rugger*** fan can explain why Union’s rules are nearly twice the length of League’s.

** The linked document also includes the rules for hurling. Those have been subtracted from the total.

*** “Rugger” cf. “soccer”. That is, “Rugby football” (both varieties) is known casually as “rugger” while “association football” is known colloquially as “soccer”. In other words, Brits who make fun of Americans for our use of the word “soccer” are ignorant of the game’s history.